Final Video & Other Deliverables

We started the project with thinking of a use of for a 3D printer that would be seamless in everyday life and selected a replacement for paper dishware products. The convenience of having a kitchen appliance that basically eliminated the need to do dishes to save time evolved from our research, personas, and brainstorming into the Instant Kichenware Express (IKE).

One of the personas turned into the inspiration for the theme of our movie (The Courtship of Eddie’s Father) and Sy had a vision early on. Images were gathered mostly from the internet and video stills. The video was created in Powerpoint.

Updated Personas, Tasks and Environment

hcc729-Saulynas-Swengler task-enviornment-personas

Early Storyboard


Final Storyboard

hcc729-Saulynas-Swengler final storyboard

Final Script

hcc729-Saulynas-Swengler Script

Original Powerpoint file



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